FLF Summer Ending

With summer winding down, I think a lot of people are in “back to school” mode.  And for the record, it pains me to write “summer winding down”.  If anything, its even hotter in August [...]

Summer Heat

It’s summer here in Texas, and that means its so hot and sticky you melt just walking out of the air conditioning.  My in laws live at the beach in New York, and I can’t [...]

FLF Self Care

I was out a couple weeks ago and talking to someone life in general.   Somehow my love of tacos and ice cream cones and dessert in general came up, and she made a comment to [...]

FLF Habits

Habits, both good and bad, are a really interesting thing.  “They” say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but no one can tell me who “they” are or how “they” got to that [...]

FLF Finding Myself

I'm not going to get all overly dramatic and say I "lost myself" when my daughter was born. I didn't, but her birth changed me in an unexpected and profound way.  Her infancy wasn’t easy [...]

FLF Support Systems

I’m a firm believer that no one is an island.  We can set out to do anything, but realistically, try as we might (and I often try REALLY hard, ask my husband), it’s incredibly rare [...]

Birthday Struggle

I have a birthday coming up.  Getting older has never bothered me, and while I joke about being old, I also know my husband will always be older.  Next week, I’ll be 35 and for [...]

More Than A Habit

In my workout group, I’m one of the regulars who comes almost no matter what.  I thrive on a routine in general, my daughter usually gets some park time or time playing with friends (often [...]

Showing Up

Anyone in my regular class will tell you that I’m famous for saying “at least you showed up” or something similar whenever anyone says they’re struggling that day, or they don’t feel like working out.  [...]

A Few extra Pounds

I feel like overall I have pretty good body image and self-esteem.  I try to set a good example for my daughter.  For example, I admonished my mom’s best friend once for saying something negative [...]

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