With summer winding down, I think a lot of people are in “back to school” mode.  And for the record, it pains me to write “summer winding down”.  If anything, its even hotter in August than July and summer doesn’t show any signs of ending anytime soon.  Where I grew up on the East Coast, “back to school” meant the days were still warm, but certainly not hot, and the nights were getting downright cool.  So summer truly was wound up by the end of August.  MAYBE we had some nice warm weather in September if we were lucky, but by and large when school started, summer was truly over.  But here in Houston, the kids get out by Memorial Day, so they go back in mid-August, and we all know summer lasts a minimum of six months here.  Sometimes longer.  For a lot of people “back to school” time means a change is routine.  Or needing to follow a routine, where maybe they didn’t over summer.

For me personally, I’m a routine person.  I like structure and I thrive when I have a plan.  Knowing what comes next gives me security, and for better or worse, my daughter is a lot like me.  So we always have a routine going, but she’s going to start pre-school in the fall.  Which I’m sure will bring new routines, and there’s an element of the unknown which I’m not crazy about.  I’ve heard really crazy things about the school drop off line and I’m hoping it doesn’t apply yet at the pre-school level.  I’m not really the mom who is tearful at the thought of my daughter starting this new chapter.  Both her and I are excited about the beginning of school.  I’ve already made an appointment at the hair salon the first week she’s there and a date to get nachos for lunch with my best friend.  Don’t get me wrong, I have pangs of “oh my goodness she’s growing up”, but they excite me as every new stage has been different than the last.  Not necessarily easier, but usually different in positive ways.  I’m not one of those women with baby fever, in case you couldn’t tell.

A lot of people struggle with fitting fitness into their routine, and use that as an excuse to not work out. I know I did when I belonged to a gym.  I imagine if you have multiple kids, with various school drop offs and pick ups its even harder to juggle.  Or perhaps you work 40+ hours a week and you’re trying to balance that with family, and all the other mundane things we all have to do as adults.

Enter Fast Laine Fit.  Three times a week, 30 minutes a session, in your own neighborhood.  No childcare needed.  I’ve always been the flexible one in my group when school came because I didn’t have to worry about it in the past.  But I watched us problem solve for one another and shift class so that the majority of us were always able to fit it in and continue coming. That sense of community is something I’ve never gotten from a gym, and its certainly helped expand my “mom tribe.”

If you make something a priority, its easy to fit it in.  When I first started, I felt guilty.  I was spending money on something “just for me” when I wasn’t bringing money in.  I was spending time not completely focused on my daughter.  Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but motherhood does weird stuff to your brain sometimes.  Over time, and with my husband’s continued support of my work out class, Fast Laine has become a priority for me.  (My husband isn’t foolish.  He saw my work out class not only change me physically, but also change me mentally.  He loves that I found Fast Laine Fit!). It’s usually the first thing I write in my calendar each week, and over time its gotten easier to say “no, I’m not available until after 10am”.  So I know even though summer is winding down and our routines will change, 3 days a week, I’ll still be working out with my friends at the park staying grounded and getting stronger.  In every conceivable way.