It’s summer here in Texas, and that means its so hot and sticky you melt just walking out of the air conditioning.  My in laws live at the beach in New York, and I can’t help but snicker anytime I hear my father in law talk about how “its a real scorcher” up there (his version of a scorcher is about 80 with an ocean breeze).  I always liked summer growing up in New Jersey, but I didn’t know what real heat was until we moved to Texas.

Having been here a few years now, I’m well acquainted with what we tell ourselves about heat indexes and relative humidity to make us feel better. It wouldn’t be so bad if the humidity was less.  Perhaps that’s true, but let’s all cut the crap and agree that anything over 90 degrees is HOT regardless of the moisture in the air.  Don’t even get me started on the summer electric bills just to make the house a sanctuary from the outside.  I grew up in a house without air conditioning….and it wasn’t a big deal up North.  Down here, I’m pretty sure you would die.

So it would be very, very easy to say “forget it” to working out outside, and take a break until it cools down.  And truthfully, some days at some times, depending on the heat index, it probably is mildly irresponsible or dangerous.  It would also just be an excuse.  I noticed about 2 months ago Cassie started adding things like “take water breaks when you need them” and “if you’re seeing spots, even just one, take a break” to the usual motivation, direction and chit chat that makes 30 minutes usually fly by.  I will be very honest that I almost threw up at class last week.  And I’m usually a pretty tough cookie!

There are things we can do to keep up the good work and motivate each other even on the hot days when the sweat is more like a river running all over your body.  Patrick has often said you never regret working out, and I believe that’s generally true.  I may need to let me body cool down before I can shower, and I may be so sweaty and disgusting I can’t do anything other than go home immediately after class but I’ve never regretted one work out.  We all keep water handy, sometimes there are popsicles after class, or damp towels to mop the sweat.  Class times that are in the middle of the day get moved earlier or later to accommodate the heat.  The flexibility of Fast Laine Fit is truly what makes it special in my opinion.

Since my class in particular is made up of mostly moms who bring their kids with, we also have to look out for the wellbeing of the kids.  We monitor red cheeks and sweatiness, apply sunscreen and bug spray like its going out of style and encourage the kids to take water breaks.  We always share the resources if someone forgets something for their child or a yoga mat, and keep working out in spite of the heat.  That sense of community, that we’re all in this together, is another thing that makes Fast Laine Fit special.  I’ve never gotten that from another group exercise class, which is probably a big part of why I’ve been able to stick with this for so long.

So let’s keep telling ourselves its only this hot because of the humidity, and that any little breeze really DOES make a difference.  We all need some hope after all.  Because we also know deep down its not really going to cool down anytime soon, even though the kids will be back at school in a month.