Habits, both good and bad, are a really interesting thing.  “They” say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but no one can tell me who “they” are or how “they” got to that number.  I also find the bad habits have a way of sneaking up on us, while the good habits tend to take a little more conscious effort, no matter how many days I’ve been working at something.  Why can’t a really good habit sneak up on me ever?  And if the people you surround yourself with have similar habits (good or bad), they’ll be easier to keep than if you’re going it alone.

Some habits are really easy for me to keep once they form.  For example, I always drink enough water.  I’m not sure why, but staying hydrated has been easy for me once I decided to be aware of that a few years ago.  Other habits, like Fast Laine Fit, are tied to my checkbook.  I pay for it, so I’m going to go to it come hell or high water.

Then some habits come and go and take some conscious effort (whether that’s to form them or break them!).  I try to eat lower carb, but that is a slippery slope right there for me.  Especially since I love dessert.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many days I work at that, I still want all the bread.  And for better or worse, dessert has become a habit after my daughter goes to bed (that way I don’t have to share it with her).  The downside to habits sneaking up on me is sometimes I don’t realize they’ve become a habit…like the aforementioned dessert thing.  Sometimes I’ll make up silly little “rules” to help me with my good habits.  For instance, I tell myself I can’t have bread items (toast, croissants, pancakes, etc) during the week.  For me, those are weekend treats, which a lot of weekends I end up not indulging in anyway.

I’m also realistic and practical though.  I know myself, and I’m not the person who can just say “no more dessert” and stick with it long term while my husband sits on the couch next to me eating ice cream, especially since I really enjoy baking.  I’d feel resentful of his ice cream and I don’t want to give away EVERYTHING I bake.  Where’s the fun in that?  So I have to break things down for myself.  For example, I had a kale and red cabbage salad with avocado and leftover steak for lunch today.  Big gold star for me in the low carb department for lunch!  But I’m probably still going to have an almond cupcake for dessert.  What can I say, we can all use a little grace.

So since I’m over here trying to be healthier in the ways I practice self-care, I took a minute to sort of evaluate some of my habits, and I should probably do this more regularly.  I’ve definitely been a little lax on the lower carb thing over the past few months, which is probably directly related to my stomach not being as flat as I wish it was.  Definitely could use some work there before vacation.  However, I’ve been doing great with water intake and working out.  Sleep is hit or miss in my house.  I have a neighbor’s dog who barks incessantly when he’s outside, my own dog has floppy ears and shakes her head anytime she gets up and I’m a really light sleeper which isn’t a great combination.  I think I’m a generally positive person and able to see the good in things, which is a nice habit to have.  I’ve been listening to music more since my mom pointed out somewhere along the way I’d stopped (I don’t know how it happened, but she was completely right.  As mother’s usually are).  Overall, I’m pretty content, which is all I can ever really ask for.