In my workout group, I’m one of the regulars who comes almost no matter what.  I thrive on a routine in general, my daughter usually gets some park time or time playing with friends (often both!) which is important to me, and then no matter how the week goes, I AT LEAST got my workouts in.  Which means I at least did one thing for myself, and that’s important.  So I plan other things around my work out class if at all possible, or talk to the group about making arrangements if certain things can’t be avoided.  For example, once we had work out class at my house because I was waiting on the refrigerator repair guy.  I’ve spent a lot of hours waiting for refrigerator repair guys, but that’s a whole other story.

Recently, we went on a vacation.  It was utterly glorious, much needed, and I spent at least 85% of my awake time in my bikini, which was exactly what I wanted.  The weather was fantastic and our days were spent going from the beach to the pool and back again depending on where my daughter wanted to swim.  I read three whole books.  And finished them!  And that’s not including the books I read to my daughter!  But it turns out I really missed my work out class.  Truthfully, that surprised me as I had been sort of looking forward to a break.

My in laws went to the resort gym each morning, and I could have joined them, but the gym isn’t a place I feel very comfortable.  I belonged to a gym once in New Jersey, and while I always enjoyed weight exercises more than cardio, the equipment sort of intimidates me still.  If I walked into the gym now, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  In the past when we’ve travelled, I’ve taken Fast Laine Fit workouts with me and done them on my own. I found it tough to continuously set timers on my phone and see what the next thing was so I lost momentum.  I was always proud of myself for muddling through and getting in the work, but remember when I said earlier I had been looking forward to a work out break?  I didn’t ask for any workouts this trip intentionally.

I think it may be possible that I’ve been doing Fast Laine Fit so long now that it has not only become a habit, but perhaps a necessity.  I felt like a little bit was missing without getting in that work.  I missed sweating and feeling like I’d given it everything I had by the end.  And not to beat a dead horse, but this really surprised me.  Work out class was the last thing I thought I’d miss during a week on a beautiful beach with my family and in laws I absolutely adore.

So we came home and I got right back to it.  Yesterday I was the only one working out, and God bless her, Cassie never seems to care.  She encourages me when its hard and tells me to go home and do bent over rows in front of a mirror to see my progress. Apparently she sees changes in my body I don’t see.  I still don’t see it, but I trust her and my husband isn’t complaining, so she’s probably right.  My friend who recently had a baby came yesterday too. Our kids played and we all chatted while I worked out.  Then we talked about her coming back to work out class next week because she misses it.  That resonated with me because if I missed it after one week, how would I feel after SIX?!

I tell you all this because I think it all goes back to showing up, which I’ve talked about before.  Keep showing up, the next thing you know it’s a little easier, and then it becomes a habit.  Then if you keep showing up, apparently it becomes even more than a habit.  I think these work out classes have become a part of me now. So much so that I miss them when they’re gone and don’t feel quite right without it.