Anyone in my regular class will tell you that I’m famous for saying “at least you showed up” or something similar whenever anyone says they’re struggling that day, or they don’t feel like working out.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but its because I truly believe showing up is the hardest part.  For a lot of people, myself included in the past, its not easy to make exercise or working out a priority.  But it IS easy to find an excuse NOT to go.  Maybe you’re tired, have kids and no childcare, or you really need to do laundry.  Or the weather.  It’s hot and storms can be unpredictable in the South.  The list of excuses is never ending if you let it be.

For me personally, the biggest hurdle was my daughter and no childcare.  Fast Laine Fit solved that by having class at my neighborhood park and never giving me a hard time about having to hold her, open a snack, or redirect her.  In fact, I’ve done many moves while holding her (a great tip for extra weight, especially for glute bridges!), and now that she’s more comfortable with Ms. Cassie, she takes her snacks to her to open.  She loves going to the park for class and seeing her friends, and frankly, so do I.  The ladies in my regular class have all become my friends if they weren’t already beforehand.  They’re a wonderful sounding board for ideas, recipe swapping, a little venting and some adult conversation.  And I don’t know one stay at home mom who can’t use a little more adult conversation!

Because of that, working out is usually the first thing I write on my calendar for the week, then I try to work everything else around it.  I’m fortunate that my family is supportive of that.  If the weather is questionable, my group almost always finds a work around.  If you’d have told me I would stick with working out for well over a year now when I started I wouldn’t have believed you.  I would have laughed if you told me I would ask for workouts to do on vacation, but I’ve done that too.

I have never regretted going to class, but sometimes it sure has made me feel better.  There have been days I’ve been in a funk or haven’t felt like it, but I’ve always been proud of myself at the end of our 30 minutes.  Usually sweaty, but proud of myself, and sometimes with an adjusted attitude.  I guess it is true what they say about endorphins and exercise.

Even if you can’t go 110% for your workout every time, showing up and doing something is exponentially better than not showing up and doing nothing.  Maybe you need to protect a knee like me so things with high impact aren’t for you, but there’s always a move that I can do comfortably to compensate and keep working.  I can remember one workout where Patrick was encouraging me to do more reps or go faster,  and I was definitely struggling.  My response to him was that at least I was still moving.  I didn’t stop until he said rest.  From my perspective, sometimes that’s enough.  Cassie will tell us to take a second, find your life, and get back into it when its hard.  Or while we’re planking (and shaking) she’s notorious for telling us to think about our “why”.

In those moments, sometimes I’ll look at my wedding ring and my why is my husband.  I admit it, I really like when someone tells him he has a hot wife!  Or maybe I watch my daughter and she’s my why.  I feel a big responsibility to set a good example for her, and part of that is self-care.  Occasionally I think about my mom.  She drove herself to chemo and radiation before she passed.  If she can do that and fight cancer with grace and humor, I can do anything for 30 more seconds.  And sometimes its a lot less dramatic.  Sometimes I think about the ice cream cone or cupcake I had for dessert the night before.  But I keep showing up, and that’s enough.