Yesterday I made an interesting discovery about myself.  My 35 year old body is rejecting jumping jacks.  Yesterday my right foot simply said “Nope.  No more of that nonsense.”  And it told me this in such a way that I intend to listen.

I went to work out just like I always do three days a week.  We did pyramids, which are ok. I don’t have strong feelings about them either way.  I toughed it out through the workout, took my kid around the lake on her bike then went to spend some time with some friends at their house.  Approximately 45 minutes after workout was over as I was kvetching to another mom, I could feel the top of my right foot getting sore.  This isn’t completely unexpected unfortunately.  I watch the impact on my joints in general and that foot in particular has given me trouble in the past.  It was sore enough I commented on it to her and we tried to figure out which move may have aggravated it since she had worked out with me (wearing a baby!  The whole time!  She’s amazing.).  It was difficult to remember because that foot did not hurt ONE TEENY TINY BIT during workout.  She suggested the jumping jacks, and I think she’s right because I was already doing low impact versions of everything else!

The foot bugged me for the remainder of the day.  It was a bit swollen on top, but nothing crazy, and no heat.  But I limped around doing laundry and cleaning the house all afternoon.  I even went so far as to elevate it when I could.  Now this morning, I woke up and that foot is feeling just fine.  No swelling, no bruise, no pain.  Like those jumping jacks never happened.  It would be easy to forget that pain and probably completely forget it bothered me at all.

So after some consideration today, I decided that jumping jacks aren’t worth it.  The benefit of the cardio can be gotten from other moves.  My body is strong, my body has done and can do plenty of amazing things.  When I need to lift my daughter, or I ask it to do something particularly strenuous, like move a heavy box because I’m too impatient to wait for help, it does it.  More often than not, without complaining.  So I’ve decided to give myself a little grace here.  If my foot says it simply can’t do jumping jacks without consequence, that’s ok.  Tomorrow I’ll ask for a modification.  Because my trainers are amazing, I know I’ll get one and won’t get any push back or made to feel bad because of it.

Listen to your body.  That ache could be telling you something.  Maybe you need to move more, or differently, or drink more water.  I’m no expert on anyone else, but we’re all the experts on our own bodies.  There’s a fine line between thinking “I can do anything for 30 seconds!” as motivation and pushing yourself beyond what your body is comfortable with.