I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I believe that if you feel you need to make a change in your life, you make it then rather than waiting around for some arbitrary date to tell you its time.  Yes, all the quizzes I’ve taken tell me that my internal motivation is stronger than external motivation.  It can be beneficial at times, but I also tend to hold myself to a higher standard than I would hold others.  I have to work at giving myself some grace sometimes.


But I digress.  Let me get back on track to how this year is different.  I get emails from Fed & Fit, mostly because my best friend took me to a book signing for Cassy Joy Garcia’s book Cook Once, Eat All Week.  The meal prep was intense, but I liked the idea of using similar ingredients all week as a way to keep my grocery budget in check.  I love to cook and I love to try new recipes, which means I spend more time and money at HEB than I would like to.  So vacation rolled around in November, then the holidays and its fair to say I indulged more than I normally do.  So I was already thinking I needed to get my eating back on track when I received an email about her Fed & Fit project.  It seemed like good timing, so I signed up.  Its a 28 day commitment, I would get some new recipes and I encouraged some of my friends to sign up too.  At this point I was still figuring I’d take what I wanted from her program and leave what I didn’t, but the emails would be good reminders to keep making healthy choices.


Then I bought her first book, Fed & Fit, mostly because I wanted to start right away and the emails wouldn’t start until the end of December (see above about internal motivation, which can lead to impatience).  And I couldn’t put it down.  Talk about motivating!  She talked about dieting being an endless loop, which I totally agree with.  I don’t believe in “dieting”, I believe in whole foods and nutrition.  She mentioned being comfortable in your own body and feeling like yourself, and as someone who lost a somewhat significant amount of weight I can really relate to this.  I was hooked after she reminded me of my mom when she discussed how foods can heal your body.  As my mom got older she became a huge believer in this, and I saw it first hand many times in both of us.  And I don’t think I need to mention how important fitness is to me.


Then I got the email about making goals, both long and short term, and journaling.  This is not my favorite thing to do.  I actually hate it.  I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll skip the journaling or not actually.  But I sucked it up and gave the goal part some thought.  Mostly because one of those friends that signed up asked me what my goals were.  Drink more water, get better sleep, eat more vegetables.  All the things I generally do, but got lax about over the holidays.  And then I started to think about my relationship with my bathroom scale.  I have used it as a barometer for how I’m doing for years, even while knowing full well that weight is not the best barometer for that.  I decided that it would actually be really nice to consistently not care what that number is.  I’m good about not caring for a while…then inevitably I get on, don’t like the number I see, and suddenly care again.  So my long term goal is to break up with my scale.  I’m curious to see how this little experiment goes, but for now I put it in my linen closet. Who knows, maybe it will actually stay there.