Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a 30-something (but who’s counting?), married, stay at home mom of one.  I’m a lot of other things too, but those seem to be the big ones everyone is always interested in.  When I joined Fast Laine Fit my daughter was a toddler and I had almost lost all the baby weight, but my body didn’t really feel like mine.  An acquaintance posted about this work out group in the neighborhood on our Facebook page.  First week free?  Social opportunity?  I can walk there and don’t even have to pack my kid up in the car?  Count me in.  And let’s be honest, we can all stand to work out a little more.  That’s how it all began.

I didn’t die that first week, so that was promising.  And although I was still watching my daughter like a hawk on the playground, I found I was pretty good at keeping an eye on her and working out at the same time.  No shock there, I’ve always been good at multitasking.  I was a social worker and then a teacher in my “other life” (you know, the one you have before you have kids).  So here were a few other moms with children of similar age, which meant ADULT INTERACTION with someone who I wasn’t married to.  If I’m being honest, it felt amazing to have something that was mine again.  Since I stopped working when my daughter was born, I’d lost some of my identity for sure.  I was so aware of it that I distinctly recall a conversation with my husband where I told him I felt trapped some days.  Not that I’d trade my daughter for anything mind you, but something was definitely missing and this stay at home mom thing was isolating.  Maybe taking this time for myself a few days a week was a start to getting that something back and feeling like myself again.

The workouts weren’t easy and a lot of it was new to me.  I’ve never been a huge fan of organized exercise, and running still isn’t my thing.  But I kept showing up and learning the moves.  It was easy for me to show up most of the time.  By now I had become friends with the women in my class and my best friend did it with me. My daughter loved going to the park for work out class which certainly helped me be consistent.  She loved it so much she insisted we get her her own yoga mat and weights.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t always easy the few days AFTER the workout.  No one tells you that retraining your muscles can be really sore!  My mantra became “I can do anything for 30 seconds” when the moves were tough and my muscles were burning.  As my form and tone improved, so did the soreness.  I lost the rest of the baby weight, which I liked.  I grew stronger, which I loved.  And I got some confidence back (which my husband loved!).  My body felt like it was mine again.  I’m now proud to say I’ve moved up in weights not once, but twice over the last year and I can run a lot further than I could before.  I still don’t like it, and only do it when I have to though.  My group also looks out for one another’s kids on the playground, which means we all get to focus more on our form and get a little break from our kids.  Yeah, I said it.

A little more than a year later, I don’t have a work out class.  I have people.  I have a tribe of women (and Patrick!) who support me and lift me up in ways I did not see coming when I walked to the park with my stroller and my yoga mat in March of 2018.  It’s a safe place to talk about anything from parenting to nutrition and recipe sharing to sex.  We share in one another’s joys, let downs, and day to day life (the struggles and the beauty).  When my mom passed away from cancer, these people cooked for me, stopped by, and made sure I knew everything would be ok even though it felt like nothing would ever be ok again.  And I’m a lot more fit than I was when I started, so there’s that.